The Purrfect Gifts for Your New Kitten

Whether it is your first and only cat or you are adding a new one to your household, it is hard not to want to spoil the pants off your new furry bundle of joy. Making sure you have all the right items ready to go is a must and a great way to gift the new kitten in your life. From bowls and treats to amazing toys your new kitten is sure to love, here are the purrfect gift ideas for your new kitten!

Easy Access Shallow Food & Water Bowls

Having a pair of bowls that are shallow and easy to access for your new kitten is very important. Not only that, but the material matters too. Plastic bowls of any kind harbor bacteria that can lead to issues like chin acne and you don’t want that. This set of bowls is purrfect for a new kitten as they can be used for wet food, dry food, and water. Plus, they are whisker-friendly! They are made from high-quality food grade ceramic that is microwave and dishwasher safe.

A Place to Do Their Nails

Every cat requires a surface to claw at. This keeps their nails clean, healthy, and strong. Kittens are still in the learning stages so it is important to provide them with a scratching surface that is their own so they do not make use of the sofa to do their nails. These premium cardboard scratchers come in different styles and are the purrfect weight and size for a growing kitten. The cardboard used is 100% recycled which is good news for the environment.

Ideal-Sized Litter Box to Do Their Business

Kittens that are just learning to use the litter box will have trouble getting in and out of standard size ones, especially if they have raised edges. You want to provide a box that is not too tall or too big. This litter box is not only affordable but the purrfect size for a kitten. The polished BPA-free plastic material is stain resistant and easy to clean.

Mental Stimulation Toys Are a Musts

Providing toys that stimulate your kitten’s growing brain will help satisfy their natural instincts and provide hours of fun. Track toys that feature moving balls are purrfect for kittens who are learning their hunting skills and will provide playtime for them when you are not available to use interactive toys. This three-level chase tower comes with 6 brightly colored balls to entice your kitten. Its lightweight and compact design can be moved around with easy for your kitten to enjoy anywhere, anytime.

Something to Chew On

Believe it or not, kittens teeth just like babies and puppies. Their teeth growth in rather fast so it often goes unnoticed. Providing your kitten with something that is safe and easy for them to access will help elevate any uncomfortable sensations they may feel as their adult teeth come in. This teether is made from a soft rubber with spikes and has two thick textured ribbons to chew on. A bonus is that it will help keep your kittens teeth clean!

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