Exploring and Learning Gifts for Growing Babies

There are endless amounts of options when it comes to toys and products for growing babies. While not all are dedicated to learning colors, shapes, and textures plenty are. We have compiled a list of some pretty amazing exploring and learning gifts that would be wonderful for growing babies. Great for birthdays, baby showers, and more!

My First Baby Tissue Box

Growing babies love to pull on things and feel different textures. Some get a kick out of just plain making a mess! This wonderful tissue box toy is not only creative but a way for your baby to have a lot of fun while learning. It features a plush tissue box with various patterns on it. Each one includes 3 double-sided learning crinkle tissues and 12 sheer color learning tissues. Any growing baby would love this as a gift.

Stimulation Texture Rattle

Shake, rattle, and roll! This wonderfully bright and colorful stimulation rattle is jam-packed with all sorts of fun things for baby to play with. The different textures and sounds make playing with this toy even more fun and a great learning experience. Each rattle features spinning beads, a sound button, small mirror, sliding texture discs, learning blocks, and a spinning monkey crystal. The middle of the toy is a fun spiral with moving beads. It makes for a great baby or young toddler gift!

Teether Toy Set

Let your baby explore different textures and shapes with these easy-to-handle teether toys. Each teether features a different shape with interactive pieces that spin, make noise, or move. This set includes 8 different teether toys with a convenient owl storage box to keep them in. With this many options, baby will have an amazing time playing, teething, and learning. They make great gifts for babies 3 months and up.

Explore and Learn Playmat

Toys that grow with your baby are not only convenient but last longer than a few months. This amazing exploration and learning play mat allows for your baby to enjoy it through their first three major areas of growth. These include stimulating the senses, learning hand and eye coordination, and physical strength and development. Baby will learn so much! This play mat makes a great gift for a mommy to be or an already growing baby.

Discovery Seat and Booster

Your baby will play, snack, and learn all from the comfort of this awesome booster seat! Each seat allows for 3 different positions which includes a standard booster chair, a booster chair with play tray, and an option to have the play tray slid open to provide snacking space. This lightweight booster can be easily moved around and fastened to dining chairs making it a convenient option for parents. It is a thoughtful gift for growing babies and moms to be.

Musical Caterpillar Interactive Plush

Play and grow with something adorably soft. This musical caterpillar is a great toy for babies and toddlers alike. Each caterpillar features brightly colored body parts with different textures and patterns of material for an eye-catching toy. There are four separate areas that make sounds including a musical head, chirping and crinkle body parts, and a bell in the tail. The antenna are textured to function and teethers while the underbelly of the caterpillar offers a convenient way to measure your growing baby. Both mom and baby will love this toy as a gift!

Grab N’ Shake Rattle Set

This 10 piece rattle toy set has something in it every baby will love. All the different textures and sounds will help stimulate a growing baby’s mind and keep them entertained for hours. Includes a convenient storage container to keep the rattles in a clean space to reduce germs and other contaminants. The set makes a great gift for growing babies!

*While these rattles are made for babies, it is advised per the reviews that they should only be played with under supervision.

Baby Einstein Octopus

The Baby Einstein brand is known for making some of the most creative and fun baby to toddler toys around and this one is no exception. This amazing octopus fidget toy offers so much in a convenient to handle toy for growing babies. They can learn colors, shapes, textures, and different sounds all from one toy! It even has a teether top. This is a wonderful gift for baby showers.

Crawling Assist Toy

Inflate and roll, this crawling assistant toy is a fun way to help baby learn to walk. It is made from non-toxic materials and the light weight allows baby to use and maneuver it with easy. Because it is inflated, it also acts as a safety cushion for baby to tumble on. The inside features a colorful display of dinosaurs and animals with a chamber that has rattling balls. It can be used indoors, outdoors, at the beach, and is super easy to clean. A growing baby will love this and it makes for a great learning gift.

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