8 Travel Gifts For Her

Traveling and going on new adventures can be a lot of fun. For ladies out there that enjoy traveling be it for work or play, buying them a gift with their enjoyment of travel in mind is a sure win. We have compiled a short list of some pretty awesome travel-inspired gifts she will love, for her birthday or any occasion!

1.) Passport & Card Holder

Keeping your passport and other important files on hand is essential when it comes to travel. Sometimes keeping these items in your wallet is not always ideal. Having a separate place to keep important documents during travel makes things way easier. Thing handy pink faux leather passport and card holder is perfect for travel. It comes in a sleek design and that allows you to stay organized on the go. The RFID blocking at the center of each holder keeps your cards full protected on the go too. It makes for a simply yet thoughtful gift!

2.) Toiletry Travel Bag

Sometimes extended stays require a gal to take everything she needs to look and feel her best. Staying organized on the go is not always easy. That is where this amazing toiletry bag comes in handy! With an ample amount of storage space and organization pockets, everything you need to stay tidy and easy to access. The built in hook allows you to easily hang it on a bathroom door or in a closet to keep it open and easy to access everything you need. She will be thrilled to take this with her on her next big trip!

3.) Travel Blanket and Pillow

Flying is not always comfortable but having the right items to make things a bit more cozy helps! While most items can be provided on the plane, nothing beats having your own. This travel pillow and blanket all-in-one allows for easy travel and convenience. You can use it as a pillow that is easily attached to your carry-on or open it open to provide a warm and snugly blanket if the plane ride is too chilly. It can also be used in the lobby should you experience a delay. It doesn’t take up much room and makes for a great gift that will bring her comfort and beauty rest on the go.

4.) Lightweight Travel Slippers

When packing, you have to make sure there is enough room for everything. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices and one of the first things to go is extra shows and slippers. Not anymore! This pair of super lightweight and foldable slippers are amazing for travel. They take up little room and allow you to keep your feet and sock clean on the plane. The rubber grip sole allows for a slip resistant surface too. These are great to keep in your carry-on where they can be easily accessed without sacrificing space for your other essentials. She will be thrilled to have something that gives her more space but offers something cozy for her feet on and off the plane.

5.) Comfortable Sleeping Masks

One of the biggest complaints about travel is having a hard time sleeping. Blocking out the sound is one thing but what about the lights and all the movement? Having a comfortable sleeping mask is key here. This amazing set including not one, but two comfortable and padded eye masks that mold to your face for maximum comfort. They block out light at all angles and are super comfortable to sleep in. This set also includes two pairs of ear plugs as an added bonus. A simple yet thoughtful gift she can use while traveling or at home.

6.) Bluetooth Sleeping Headband

Blocking out the noise on a plane or in a hotel can sometimes be a pain in the butt. It is not always comfortable to sleep with headphones on or keeping earbuds in your ears. This handy device will help! This Bluetooth sleeping headband allows you to have noise over your ears to drown out anything happening around you while remaining comfortable. It can even be used as a standard headband to keep your ears warm if you are traveling to cooler climates. She will enjoy listening to her favorite music or white noise as she drifts off to sleep easier and more comfortably on the go.

7.) Travel Vanity Mirror

Sometimes having access to a mirror with good lighting is hard to come by. This is especially true on the plane. Having a handy travel mirror helps but the lights are somewhat dim and the mirrors tend to be too small. This travel vanity mirrors gives you plenty of surface space to do your hair and make-up as well as 3 different lighting options. The compact design allows you to easily slip it into your carry-on and use it on the go. It makes a great gift she will love to use no matter where her next adventure takes her!

8.) Mini Travel Power Bank

Being stuck somewhere without a place to charge your devices can be a nightmare, especially when people are expecting you to check in. One of the modern essentials every lady should have for her travels is a reliable power bank! This mini travel power bank by VANYUST is perfect for this! The 5000mAh battery capacity allows for you to charge most smart phones from 0 to 100% in no time at all. It also works great for topping up tablets, small laptops, and other devices. It is a must have for traveling near or far and can easily be kept in your purse or carry-on without taking up too much space. It makes for a great gift for that special lady in your life that is always on the go.

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