7 Fun Hats To Gift Your Friend For National Hat Day

While not widely celebrated as bigger calendar holidays, National Hat Day can be a fun excuse to gift a friend with something quirky and fun, and celebrate the day together as a new tradition. National Hat Day falls on January 15th every year so mark your calendars. Let’s take a look at some amazing and fun hats you can gift your friend!

1. Squid Hat

This silly and bright hat is sure to put a smile on someone’s face! It is made from a soft fabric that has some shine to it and features two large goofy looking eyes. This novelty hat is a great National Hat Day option and can also be worn for other holidays and events. Get one for yourself and a friend! You’ll be supporting a small business with your purchase.

2. Kermit The Frog Meme Hat

Not all hats have to be totally out there and goofy. How about something more laid-back with a touch of fun? This Kermit the Frog hat features the iconic “sipping tea” meme everyone knows and loves. It makes a great hat for National Hat Day but can also be worn any day, making it a fun gift.

3. Raccoon Tail Hat

Native American tribes who lived in what we now know as Kentucky and Tennessee wore raccoon tail hats to protect their heads from the harsh cold winters. While Davey Crockett may be the first thing you think of when you see one, it was only popularized with Europeans through trading with Native American tribes back in the day. The look certainly isn’t trendy today but sporting a faux raccoon tail hat is sure to get some laughs and cheerful comments. It makes a fun gift that is perfect for a January hat-loving holiday up north!

4. Frog Bucket Hat

This hat has so many 1990’s vibes and we are here for it! The iconic bucket hat may not be in fashion anymore but plenty of people still love them. This cute frog bucket hat is simple, sweet, and makes for a silly gift for a friend. It can be worn for National Hate Day but also be used when fishing, camping, or just enjoying the beach when the weather gets warmer.

5. Classic Propeller Hat

All the rage in the late 1940’s, this vintage style child’s hat been seen throughout pop culture ever since, especially in cartoons. It is a goofy hat that will grab people’s attention, especially these days. It is fun, vibrant, and really spins! It is a fun option for National Hat Day that will stand out for sure and a friend with a sense of humor would love to receive.

6. Umbrella Hat

It may look goofy but this hat is actually useful! While certainly not an every-day hat, plenty of people make use of umbrella hats at outdoor events to offer hands-free protection from the rain. It is a silly gift that does have its uses but we totally understand if you or your friend only wear one for National Hat Day!

7. Mario & Luigi Hats

Two hats for the price of one! Make a statement when out with your friend by wearing an iconic pair of hats. These off-brand (not officially licensed) Mario and Luigi hats are perfect for National Hat Day and since you get two, you’ll have one for yourself and a friend. They can also be reused for Halloween and other costume occasions.

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