10 Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts

Nothing is more exciting than buying your first home! Having a space of your own to have friends and family over or just to hang out with the kids, cats, or your favorite pooch. It is always a nice gesture to buy someone who has recently moved into their new home a gift but it is not always easy to find the right one. We have compiled 10 thoughtful housewarming gifts that are sure to please!

1.) Beautiful Wind Chime

Buying a housewarming gift for someone doesn’t have to be limited to the indoors. Something that most people would enjoy is a beautiful and relaxing wind chime! The wonderful thing about wind chimes is that they can be hung in so many different areas, no front porch required! This beautiful wood and aluminum wind chime by UpBlend is made using premium, high-quality material that is not only rust-resistant but will last many years.

2.) Personalized Doormat

Practical and thoughtful, what beats a custom doormat that will ensure their new home stays nice and clean? Having a doormat is great for all-season weather and allows a place for people to wipe and dust off their dirty shoes before entering the home. The customization option of this doormat in particular makes it more thoughtful and unique. Best of all, it is made right here in the USA.

3.) Window Bird Feeder

There is nothing more relaxing than enjoying your morning cup of coffee or tea in your new home while watching and listening to the birds. Sometimes the weather is too cold or too wet to do this outside. This is where a wonderful window bird feeder will come in handy! This amazing feeder attaches to the outside of any glass window and allows for a perfect view of your local birds feeding. Because it goes onto a window, it makes it harder for squirrels to access it as well. It makes a wonderful gift no one will expect but will love.

4.) Wall-mounted Key & Mail Holder

Staying organized in your new home doesn’t have to be complicated. Having a place to store mail, keys, and other important papers is a good way to stay organized in the kitchen or entryway. This beautiful white wood wall-mounted organizer will keep things tidy and look amazing. With a mail and paper holder, small shelf, and 4 different hooks there is plenty of room to keep things handy and tidy. The style goes with any decor too making it a great housewarming gift option.

5.) Live Money Tree

Money trees are said to bring prosperity into people’s lives. Even if that is just a mindset, these are beautiful house plants! This live money tree comes in a white pot and comes in a variety of sizes you can choose from. Gifting a unique plant is a fun and creative way to celebrate your family or friend’s new home.

6.) Unique Coat Hanger Decor

Coat hangers don’t have to be boring or get in the way. Having a space to hand your coat, bags, and other items is a great idea for the entryway, especially when space is not an issue. These stunning wall-mounted coat hangers are not only practical but serve as a piece of decor. Each on features a beautiful branch design with white birds perched on top. They can also be used in the bathroom to hand robes and towels on!

7.) Crystal Candy Jar

Everyone needs a little sweetness in their life. Having a beautiful place to store those sweet treats is a must. This beautiful crystal candy jar makes for a beautiful decor piece for the kitchen, dining room, or home office. It is a great gift that can be stocked with their favorite sweets and can also be used for other storage items too.

8.) Key Lock Box

Being locked out of your home can be a hassle and not everyone considers keeping a spare key handy outside the house. Having a place to safely store an extra set of keys is a great gift option for new home owners. This lock box features a key-code entry and can be hung on the inside of doors or in the garage. It is also great if you have a neighbor coming to check on the pets when you are away or you are expecting someone to deliver something while you are at work.

9.) Automatic Soap Dispenser

There are loads of options when it comes to soap dispensers on the market these days. Not all of them are automatic though! Having a an automatic soap dispenser is handy for both the kitchen and bathroom as it provides a hands free way of washing up. It is great for kids too! This modern and stylish dispenser comes in three finishes, runs on batteries, and is adjustable according to how much soap you want to come out each time. It is a great housewarming gift that will keep the counter space clean an also offer a practical use.

10.) Glass Flameless Candle Set

Buying decor for a new home buyer can be a bit of a gamble. Not everyone has the same sense of style or preferences when it comes to decor. This is why candles make a great gift option. The only downside is not knowing what scent to buy and the fact that candles eventually burn dry. This beautiful set of glass flameless candles makes a great gift option that is not only safer than real candles, but more convenient too. It comes in 5 color options and each set includes a handy remote to adjust brightness, set a timer, or simply turn the candles on and off. They make a wonderful gift option that can serve as a dining table centerpiece, fireplace mantel decor, or be used just about anywhere else in the home.

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