10 Survival Gifts For Any Prepper

Being prepared and planning ahead is never a bad thing. Some people consider themselves to be “preppers” and others just like to be prepared for survival. Whether that special someone in your life is a prepper, camper, or just likes to plan ahead – We have compiled 10 amazing gifts they will love and make good use of should trouble arise.

1.) Emergency Flashlights

It is always a good idea to have a good flashlight handy in the event of an emergency or power outage. The more compact and powerful, the better! This two pack of GearLight LED flashlights will come in handy, not just in a survival situation. It makes a great gift for any prepper or just someone who wants to be prepared at all times.

2.) Survival Water Filter Straw

Water is essential for life. We can go several weeks without food but we can only go a few days without water. Having access to clean water during a natural or man-made disaster might not always be an option. Having something that allows you access to clean water no matter the source is important. LifeStraws are amazing compact devices that allow you to drink from any fresh water source (not salt water) and cleans the most harmful bacteria, viruses, and most chemicals out. It is an amazing gift and something you should consider having for yourself!

3.) First Aid Kit

Bumps, cuts, and bruises are just a part of life. Making sure those don’t turn into infections requires proper care and protection. Having a first aid kit handy in your home is something everyone should have but preppers especially know the importance. This first aid kit comes with everything you need in a compact sipper pouch to keep all wounds protected. It is great for general emergencies, camping, and just day to day use. It is a wonderful gift for anyone, survivalist or not.

4.) Canning Jars

Canning food items takes some time and practice but it is one of the most essential skills you can have for survival. It allows for food storage without the use of refrigeration. Ball jars are iconic and known for their high-quality material. This set of 12 canning jars it great to prepping as well as just keeping in your pantry as they have so many uses.

5.) Fire Starting Sticks

Fire is needing to sterilize, provide light, and cook food. While it is possible to start a fire with the use of things you find in the woods, once it rains it becomes very difficult. These Fatwood fire starter sticks make it easy and safe to start a fire anywhere, anytime. They are great for home use in fireplaces, out in the backyard for starting bonfires, excellent for camping and outdoor adventures, and they come in handy in an emergency situation.

6.) Electric Fruit Dehydrator

Canning is great but have you considered dehydration as part of your survival prep? Having a compact and portable electric fruit dehydrator allows you to have fruit on the go and store it for many months whereas fresh fruit typically is only good for a few weeks. This Rosewill countertop fruit dehydrator can be used with fruit, herbs, and vegetables. It is a great gift and become a new hobby too.

7.) Insulated Cooler

Having a solid cooler on hand is great, especially if the power goes out. Most coolers do a great job and keeping food fresh and cold but this Coleman 316 series cooler will keep things cold for up to 5 days with just ice. It is easy to move around and can be used in emergency situations or for camping. It is a versatile cooler that makes a wonderful and practical gift.

8.) Emergency Food Supply

We know how important water is but second to that is food. Not everyone will have enough stock to make it more than a week or two and you will need time to plan in the event something terrible happens. Having an emergency food supply is key. This ReadyWise emergency supply kit includes 52 servings of food and only requires water to make. Best of all, it has up to a 25 year shelf life so you can just keep it in your pantry and forget it, knowing you will always have a back-up plan should the need arise. Any prepper would love this as a gift, we guarantee it.

9.) Water Storage Containers

Having access to water is one thing, but what about storing it? Having proper water storage is necessary to not only drink and cook with, but to clean and maintain your health. These Saratoga Farms 5-gallon capacity water storage containers are perfect for storing clean water. This set of 4 containers will provide 40 days or more of water for one person which includes drinking, washing, and cooking with the water. Every container is BPA free and made using only food-grade materials.

10.) Compact Solar Generator

Having access to electricity when there is a power outage only comes second to clean water and food but it is still worth considering. A compact solar generator can provide you with enough electricity to charge phones and other small devices in the event you find yourself without power. This GENSROCK 300w portable power station is great for emerency use, power outages, camping, and just general prep. It requires no fuel to run, it is 100% solar powered (solar panels not included). The digital display makes it easy to read and know how much power remains. Preppers and campers alike can benefit from having one of these handy devices, should the need ever arise.

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