10 Creative Birthday Gifts For Plant Lovers

Looking for creative yet fun birthday gifts for that special plant lover in your life? We have compiled a list of some pretty unique gifts they are sure to love. From grow lights to fun pots, there is something on this list for every plant connoisseur out there. Let’s take a look at our 10 creative birthday gift recommendations for plant lovers.

1. Clip-on Grow Light Wands

Plants require light to grow and thrive. When you are lacking window space or have a plant that requires more light than you can provide, grow lights can be handy! This clip-on grow light has two LED wands with flexible goose necks. You can adjust the strength of the light, set it on a timer, or manually turn it on and off. The sturdy clip allows it to be used just about anywhere making it a practical yet fun birthday gift idea for plant lovers.

2. Disco Ball Hanging Planter

Let your plant be the center of attention in any room! The mirrored pot will reflect light at every angle and make for a stunning display when placed near any window. The flat bottom also allows it to be used on a shelf or as a table centerpiece. This groovy disco ball planter will put a smile on their face and will have them reliving the glory days of the ‘70s. * Disco music not included.

3. Pearlescent Ceramic Plant Pot Set

Classy yet modern, this ceramic plant pot trio will go great in any room and fit into any decoration style. Each pot comes in a different size and features leak-proof mesh pads and plastic plugs for the drain holes. The pearlescent finish reflects light and creates a beautiful glow. The modern design will be adored by any plant lover and the set makes for an amazing birthday gift that will be cherished for years.

4. Indoor/Outdoor Plant Stand

Lacking space? Planter lovers rejoice! This unique plant stand will give you plenty more room to expand your plant army. Made from eucalyptus wood that is chemical and paint free, this shelf is Eco-friendly and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The snap together design makes this wood stand a breeze to set up. With 8 surfaces for potted plants, your plant collection stay organized and easy to keep. If you know a planter love who needs room to grow (literally), they will love this gift!

5. Ceramic Succulent Pot Critter Set

Adorably small and easy to to fall in love with. This ceramic succulent pot set features 4 adorable creatures in compact sizes. Each set includes a turtle, a gray tabby cat, a corgi dog, and a happy blue whale. Every pot is handmade, hand painted, and includes mesh drainage pads to keep soil in while allowing water to drain out. They also function as a multipurpose holding cup for pens, make-up brushes, coins, candles, and more. This set makes for a great birthday gift for plant lovers, young and old.

6. Plant Parent Planter Pot

A sweet yet simple design that will warm any plant lover’s heart. This creative pot design features a parent pot holding up a smaller child pot allowing for two plants to be grown in one space. Each limited release pot is hand crafted and painted with loving detail and comes in three color options. It makes for a creative and sweet gift for any plant parent out there.

7. Natural Wood Heavy-Duty Garden Tools

Get your green thumb on! This 6 piece garden tool set comes with everything you need to plant and pot to your heart’s content. Included is a transplanter, garden fork, cultivator, weeder, and trowel. Each set comes with a red carrying tote with extra room for seeds and other tools you may need to carry along. The handles are made from natural wood for a strong grip and the carbon steel heads resist bending and breakage. This set makes for an amazing and thoughtful birthday gift that can be used for indoor and outdoor gardens.

8. Self-Watering Terracotta Pot Set

These modern terracotta pots make sure your plants get the water they crave without issuing any flash-flood warnings. The clever design features a terracotta plant with zero drainage holes and an outer glass layer that holds water. The water will slowly be absorbed into the soil through the terracotta pot providing just the right amount of water for the plant inside. This is a great gift option for busy plant lovers.

9. Succulent LED Grow Light Pot

This creative succulent chamber is an amazing all in one grow station as well as a unique piece of décor. Each succulent LED grow pot features and enclosed design that provides light, air, and protected space for your plant to thrive. The built in fan blows air upward through the base and the LED light at the top can be adjusted for your plant’s needs. If that special plant lover in your life also loves fun tech, this ones a winner.

10. Bonsai Tree Growing Kit

Melt away the stress and unwind with your very own Japanese Bonsai tree garden. Bonasi keeping is said to reduce stress, anxiety, and help create a clarity in one’s mind. This growing kit includes a wooden grow box, mini burlap pots, tools, soil discs, plant markers, and seeds. With extra seeds provided, you can grow Brazilian rosewood, black spruce, flame tree, fern tree, and Colorado blue spruce trees. This kit makes for a creative yet thoughtful gift that can introduce any plant lover into the amazing world of Bonasi keeping.

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