10 Cozy Birthday Gifts For Homebodies (Gentlemen)

Staying indoors and enjoying your free time at home may not be appealing to everyone, but for some guys they really do enjoy it. They are content to enjoy the things they worked hard for in the comfort of their one home. Buying a gift for someone like this isn’t always easy. We can help! We have compiled a list of 10 amazing birthday gifts any homebody king will love!

1. Plush Fleece Robe

Morning, noon, or night nothing beats the cozy feeling of a plush robe snuggling your body. This bathrobe features a comfy shawl collar, front tie, and two pockets. Made from high-quality polyester, this super plush robe will keep you comfortable at home. This makes a great birthday gift for men who like to lounge around and stay comfy.

2. Sofa Arm Tray

Coffee tables and end tables are great but you need to rearrange yourself to reach for your snacks or drinks which could be super annoying. Whether you are enjoying a book, movie, or TV series having your munchies and a drink close by is more convenient. This amazing table tray has a clamping feature that allows you to attach it to loveseats, sofas, and even recliners. Made from 100% bamboo, each tray is waterproof and has a built in cup slot and media holder for your phone or tablet. He’ll love this for when he wants to binge out and relax on the couch.

3. Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones are perfect for many different things around the house. Watching your favorite series uninterrupted, playing music while doing house chores, or catching up with your favorite podcast. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get good quality headphones either. This pair of KVIDIO Bluetooth headphones work with most devices and features a built in mic, deep bass, and a 55 hour play time. They are comfortable enough for lounging and wearing for extended time. A new pair of Bluetooth headphones will put a smile on his face for sure.

4. Bartender Kit

You don’t have to go out to have a great drink. You can mix your own right in the comfort of your home, no bartender license required. This convenient mixology bartender kit comes with all the tools needed to get your mix on. You get a high-quality wooden stand, cocktail shaker, bottle opener, bar spoon, double jigger, ice tongs, hawthorne strainer, and handy recipe cards. This is s wonderful birthday gift for the guys who like something fancier than beer on their week nights at home.

5. Keurig K-Mini

Coffee for one doesn’t have to be expensive or inconvenient. No longer do you need to drive out to a cafe to have cafe-coffee any time of the day. The Keurig K-Mini offers the convenience of having a single cup brewed in the comfort of your own home with no drive, wait time, or inconveniences. For the gentlemen who want something nicer than store-bought coffee grounds made in a standard coffee maker, the Keurig K-Mini makes for a wonderful birthday gift!

6. 3D Wooden Puzzle

Having a relaxing hobby outside of work that doesn’t require you to go out is nice to have. Puzzles have been a staple for centuries when it comes to relaxing and passing the time. Something a bit more fun and challenging could be more enticing. These amazing 3D wooden puzzles provide hours of challenging fun for men looking to have a relaxing hobby at home. This working wooden vitascope puzzle makes for a great and thoughtful birthday gift for him.

7. Cozy Slippers

Wearing socks is sometimes not enough to keep your feet warm and who wants to wear shoes in their house? Having a quality pair of slippers is the only right solution. This pair of Dearfoam mens Brendon clog slippers are modern, practical, and cozy. They are both indoor and outdoor making them great when you need to take the dog out or want to enjoy a cup of coffee on the porch. Any homebody will love having a high-quality pair of comfortable slippers to enjoy around the house.

8. Oversized Coffee Mugs

Standard mugs aren’t always big enough. For the men who want more coffee (or tea) in one mug, these 20 ounce oversized coffee mugs are a great find. This set includes four white speckled mugs that eachn have their own inner-color. They are sized to be multi-functioning and work great for coffee, tea, soup, chilli, stew, and more. He will love having an oversized set that has more than one use and enough room for his favorite drinks, meals, and snacks.

9. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Pre-packaged breakfast sandwiches are convenient but aren’t as good as fresh and driving out to get one can be inconvenient and a let down. Have you ever considered making your own? While it is possible with standard kitchen tools, having an all-in-one system to help make them for you is more convenient and fun with way less mess. The Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker allows you to make an amazing tasting breakfast sandwich (or two) for a fraction of the cost of those frozen or fast food options. He’ll love being able to make his own breakfast faster and cheaper and reserve more time for lounging and doing what he loves at home.

10. Roku Streaming Stick

Having access to all your digital apps and streaming services in one device is amazing. Not everyone owns a gaming console or smart TV that can function as a hub for their favorite TV shows, sports, or movies. That is where Roku can help! This amazing little device turns any standard flat screen into a multi-media station to watch everything you desire. You will get access to not only your paid subscriptions like Netflix and Hulu but also have access to hundreds of free channels. For the guy who likes to spend more time at home, this is a great birthday gift he will make use of.

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